Embracing Retro Chic: The Timeless Appeal of Cat Eye Glasses

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Cat eye specs are no longer reminiscent of your mother’s – or grandmother’s – glasses, as this retro shape has experienced a significant resurgence, injecting a vintage charm into your everyday ensemble.

A style as enduring as it is contemporary, cat eye glasses have been a perennial favorite among celebrities and fashion icons, including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. These fashionable frames possess the ability to imbue you with an aura of chic sophistication, whether you’re at your 9-to-5 job or running errands around town.

Characteristics of Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye frames feature bold styling on the upper portion and lighter details on the lower part of the lens. These glasses boast an upswept browline that gracefully tapers upwards at the temples, serving as the defining feature that sets this style apart. Additionally, the width of the top of the frame is often broader than the bottom.

Styles of Cat Eye Frames

This elegant eyewear silhouette has evolved significantly since its inception, with today’s contemporary frames featuring either striking or subtle upswept cat eye accents. You’ll also find this upward-sweeping browline harmonizing with other shapes, such as rounded oval lenses or oversized D-shaped lenses.

Suitability of Cat Eye Glasses

A truly versatile style, cat eye frames complement various face shapes, with the ideal pair depending on your most prominent facial features. At 3 PAIRS OPTICAL, discovering the perfect cat eye glasses for you is effortless, thanks to the wide array of styles we offer in this shape.

  • For Round Faces: Frames with bold, angular lines are ideal, as they help to accentuate soft facial features and rounded jawlines.
  • For Angular or Prominent Features: Opt for round or oval-shaped cat eye glasses, which help to balance wide jawlines of square or triangle faces, while also softening sharp features.

To explore more about your face shape and the styles that best suit you, visit our face shape guide for glasses.

Ready to Discover Your Cat Eye Style?

For a hint of vintage flair, consider adding a pair of cat eye specs to your everyday eyewear collection.

If you prefer a more subtle look, you can always opt for retro cat eye sunglasses instead — perfect for weekend getaways or lounging poolside in the summer.